Chemistry Resources

Customizable and Printable

Amino Acid Flashcards

Cards can be customized with the 1 letter abbreviation, 3 letter abbreviation, chemical structure, and name of 20 amino acids. Available in 4 sizes and colors.

Balancing Chemical Equations Worksheet

Practice balancing chemical equations with this customizable worksheet. Choose the number and complexity of the problems. Database of over 160+ reactions.

Blank Periodic Table of Elements

Practice recalling periodic table facts with the customizable blank periodic table. The table can contain basic facts, colors, and labels.

Chemical Symbols Game

Practice chemical symbols for the elements of the periodic table with this game-based learning resource. Includes symbols for elements 1 to 92.

Hydrocarbon Prefixes Flashcards

Study hydrocarbon prefixes for compounds with up 16 carbons. Cards can be customized with chemical formulas and number of carbons.

Lewis Dot Diagram Worksheet

A customizable worksheet for practice drawing Lewis dot diagrams of various elements. Includes an answer sheet with each unique PDF.

Lewis Dot Diagrams of the Elements

A customizable and printable periodic table of Lewis dot diagrams for drawing structures. The element facts and table color can be quickly customized.

Molar Mass Worksheet

A worksheet for practicing molar mass calculations. Each worksheet contains up to 20 chemicals for students to practice calculating the molar mass.

Molarity Worksheet

Worksheet for practicing molarity calculations from the mass or moles of a solute in a solution. Problems are randomly generated and include answer key.

Mole Calculation Worksheet

Practice converting to and from moles and grams with this customizable and printable worksheet. Create up to 10 unique problems on each worksheet.

Organic Chemistry Periodic Table

A printable periodic table of elements that only contains the elements commonly used in organic chemistry. Content and style are customizable.

Periodic Table Flashcards

Customize these element flashcards with atomic numbers, symbols, element names, and atomic masses. Print or study the flashcards from your device.

Periodic Table Worksheet

Fill-in-the-blank Periodic Table of Elements worksheet. Practice recalling element names, symbols, weights, and atomic numbers.

Prefixes for Covalent Compounds Flashcards

Learn prefixes for naming binary covalent compounds. Includes prefixes mono- through deca- with example chemical structures and names.

Printable Periodic Table of Elements

Create a unique customized Periodic Table of Elements that contains only the facts that you need. Options include element names, symbols, and atomic numbers.

Straight-Chain Alkanes Flashcards

Cards contain the molecular formulas, condensed structural formulas, and names of the first 20 straight-chain alkanes.