Popular Math Resources

Integer Place Value Chart

A printable integer place value chart that you can quickly customize. Includes integers from ones to hundred billions and optional decimals.

Decimal Place Value Chart

A printable decimal place value chart that you can quickly customize. Includes decimals from tenths to thousandths to millionths.

Dimensional Analysis Worksheet

Practice using dimensional analysis for converting measurements of length, time, mass, and volume. Each worksheet includes a unique answer sheet with solutions.

Printable Play Money Coins

Create pages of printable play money US coins for practicing counting money. Select the number of each coin, sides of the coins, and type of coins.

Popular Science Resources

Lewis Dot Diagrams of the Elements

A customizable and printable periodic table of Lewis dot diagrams for drawing structures. The element facts and table color can be quickly customized.

Periodic Table Flashcards

Customize these element flashcards with atomic numbers, symbols, element names, and atomic masses. Print or study the flashcards from your device.

Chemical Symbols Game

Practice chemical symbols for the elements of the periodic table with this game-based learning resource. Includes symbols for elements 1 to 92.

Balancing Chemical Equations Worksheet

Practice balancing chemical equations with this customizable worksheet. Choose the number and complexity of the problems. Database of over 160+ reactions.