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Customizable Worksheets, Flashcards, & Diagrams

Addition Table Worksheet

This customizable worksheet is a partially completed addition table for practicing addition facts. Select the table color, number range, and addend order.

Addition Drill Worksheet

Help your student or child practice addition facts with this customizable addition drill worksheet. Up to 100 problems on each worksheet.

Mixed Length Addition Worksheet

This addition worksheet generator creates up to 30 randomly generated addition problems with addends of mixed lengths. Choose number and length of addends.

Printable Addition Table

The range of addends, table color, addend order, and header style can be customized for your student or child to study addition facts.

Adding Decimals Worksheet

Up to 30 vertical or horizontal addition problems containing 2 addends each. The numbers are 2 to 6 digits long with decimals from tenths to thousandths.

Subtracting Decimals Worksheet

Vertical format decimal subtraction problems. Up to 30 problems per sheet. Numbers are 2 to 6 digits in length with decimals from tenths to thousandths.

Multiplying Decimals Worksheet

Up to 30 multiplying decimal problems. Multipliers and multiplicands are 2 to 4 digits. Decimals are tenths or hundredths. Includes answer key.

Division Worksheet

Create division worksheets with customized number ranges and number of problems on each sheet. Problems are in a horizontal format.

Divisibility Rules Flashcards

Learn to quickly test divisibility with these division rules. The customizable cards have rules for numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 12.

Exponents Worksheet

Practice exponents or powers with up to 30 problems. Select the range of exponents, range of base numbers, and number of problems on the worksheet.

Negative Exponents Worksheet

Practice evaluating negative exponents with this custom worksheet. Choose the range of exponents, range of base numbers, and problems on each sheet.

Greatest Common Factor Worksheet

Practice determining greatest common factors with this customizable and printable worksheet. Select the number of problems, number ranges, and more.

Least Common Multiple Worksheet

Practice determining least common multiples with this customizable and printable worksheet. Select the number of problems, number ranges, and more.

Converting Fractions to Decimals Worksheet

Practice fraction to decimal and decimal to fraction conversions with this customizable and printable worksheet. Up to 30 problems on each worksheet.

Adding Fractions Worksheet

A customizable worksheet for practicing addition of fractions with like and unlike denominators. Each worksheet includes a matching answer key.

Pythagorean Theorem Worksheet

Practice calculating the leg and hypotenuse lengths of right triangles using the Pythagorean Theorem. Up to 9 unique triangles on each worksheet.

Complementary Angles Worksheet

A customizable worksheet for practicing complementary angle calculations. Randomly creates up to 16 pairs of complementary angles with an answer key.

Supplementary Angles Worksheet

Quickly customize this worksheet for practicing supplementary angle calculations. Randomly creates up to 10 problems with an answer key.

Isometric Dot Paper

Draw 3 dimensional figures with customizable and printable isometric dot paper. Choose the color, dot spacing, dot size, and header style for each sheet.

Graph Paper Template

A traditional format for basic plotting and two dimensional figures. Choose the grid spacing, line width, line color, and paper size.

Four Quadrant Graph Paper

Customize this printable graph paper color, line width, grid size, and more. Include one, two, or four coordinate planes on each page.

Printable Dot Paper

Standard square dot configuration for two dimensional figures or a long game of dots and boxes. Choose the dot spacing, dot size, dot color, and page size

Comparing Fractions Worksheet

Compare fractions using the >, <, or = symbols. Choose the range of denominators from 2 to 16 and if the fractions are positive or negative.

Comparing Integers Worksheet

Practice comparing integers with this printable worksheet. Integers can be positive or negative and the lengths of the numbers can range from 1 to 6 digits.

Comparing Fractions and Decimals Worksheet

Worksheet to practice comparing fractions to decimals using the >, <, and = symbols. You have the option to include or exclude negative numbers.

Comparing Decimals Worksheet

Classify pairs of decimals as greater than, less than, or equal. The number of decimal places can be customized from tenths to hundred thousandths

Large Number Subtraction Flashcards

This flashcard maker creates random subtraction flashcards for games or other activities. Number ranges up to 400 and up to 45 cards in each set.

Subtraction Flash Cards

Subtraction facts flashcards with customizable colors, answers, and number ranges. Flashcards can be printed or downloaded as a PDF.

Addition Flash Cards

Printable addition facts flashcards that you can customize. Choose the colors, range of addends, and if the cards include answers to each problems.

Division Flash Cards

Division facts flashcards that you can customize and print. Choose the card colors, range of numbers, and if the cards are printed with answers.

Measurement Abbreviations Flashcards

Learn metric & US standard measurement abbreviations commonly used to measure length, mass, volume, and temperature. Choose the color, answers, and borders.

Dimensional Analysis Worksheet

Practice using dimensional analysis for converting measurements of length, time, mass, and volume. Each worksheet includes a unique answer sheet with solutions.

Metric Prefixes Flashcards

Learn prefixes commonly used in the metric system. Creates 21 flashcards with names, symbols, powers of 10, decimals, and words for each prefix.

Subtracting Money Worksheet

A customizable worksheet for practicing subtraction of various dollar amounts. Choose values ranging from $1 to $999.99. Up to 30 problems on each.

Adding Money Worksheet

Designed for practicing addition of dollar amounts ranging from cents to hundreds of dollars. Creates up to 30 problems on a printable PDF with answer key.

Printable Play Money Coins

Create pages of printable play money US coins for practicing counting money. Select the number of each coin, sides of the coins, and type of coins.

Identifying Coins Worksheet

The worksheet contains a set of up to 25 US coins. Identify the coins by counting the number of each type of coin in the set of 6 values of coins.

Multiplication Table Worksheet

This customizable worksheet is a partially completed multiplication table for practicing multiplication facts. Select the table color, number range, and number order.

Single Digit Multiplication Worksheet

This multiplication worksheet includes only single digit multipliers and multiplicands in a vertical or horizontal format. Includes matching answer key.

Multiplying Negative Numbers Worksheet

The number of problems, multiplier length, and multiplicand length are customizable. Each problem contains either one or two negative numbers.

Printable Multiplication Table

The range of multipliers and multiplicands, number order, table color, and style of the headers can be customized on this free printable multiplication table.

Integers on a Number Line Worksheet

Students can practice identifying integers on number lines with this customizable worksheet. Select one of 4 number ranges with optional negative numbers.

Blank Number Lines Worksheet

Add up to 12 blank numbers lines, that are generated to your specifications, to this printable worksheet. Optional labels, fraction lines, and ranges.

Integer Place Value Chart

A printable integer place value chart that you can quickly customize. Includes integers from ones to hundred billions and optional decimals.

Decimal Place Value Chart

A printable decimal place value chart that you can quickly customize. Includes decimals from tenths to thousandths to millionths.

Expanded Form Worksheet

Create expanded form worksheets for students to practice place values. Choose the number of problems and ranges of numbers to convert.

Expanded Form Decimals Worksheet

Create decimal expanded form worksheets for students to practice place values for the fractional part of decimal numbers.

Roman Numerals Flashcards

Each card contains a Roman numeral and an optional corresponding whole number. Includes Roman numerals I to CL. Pick the range, format, color, and size.

Roman Numerals Worksheet

Practice converting to and from Roman numerals with this customizable worksheet. Up to 40 problems where you choose the symbols and conversion direction.

Roman Numerals Symbols Flashcards

Learn to convert Roman numerals to whole numbers. The cards contain the whole number equivalents of the Roman numerals I, V, X, L, C, D, and M.

Rounding Integers Worksheet

Practice rounding integers with this customizable worksheet. Includes rounding to nearest ten, hundred, and thousand. Each worksheet can contain up to 40 problems.

Rounding Money Worksheet

Rounding money worksheets that you can customize with the number and types of problems your student needs to practice. Includes rounding to nearest ten cents and dollar.

Rounding Decimals Worksheet

Create rounding decimal worksheets for practicing rounding to the nearest tenth, hundredth, or thousandth. Each worksheet can include up to 40 problems each.

Identifying Significant Figures Worksheet

Practice the rules for identifying significant figures. Creates up to 30 unique problems that can include whole numbers, decimals, and scientific notation.

Adding with Significant Figures Worksheet

Basic decimal addition problems for students to practice working with significant figures. The number of problems and number of addends are customizable.

Subtracting with Significant Figures Worksheet

Practice rounding to the correct number of significant digits using this decimal subtraction worksheet. Up to 30 unique problems on each customized worksheet.

Multiplication with Significant Figures Worksheet

Practice rounding the product of multiplication problems to the correct number of significant digits. Creates up to 24 unique problems with answer key.

Skip Counting with Negatives Worksheet

Skip counting with negative numbers is an excellent way to practice working with negatives and even calculating across zero. Worksheet is fully customizable.

Skip Counting Worksheet

Practice basic skip counting with this free customizable and printable worksheet. There can be up to 15 problems on each fully customized worksheet.

Reverse Skip Counting Worksheet

Help your student practice subtraction and pattern identification with this reverse skip counting worksheet. Choose the number of problems, number ranges, and more.

Times Table Skip Counting Worksheet

Practice times tables by completing skip counting sequences. Each sequence is the first six, seven, or eight numbers in a multiplication table.

Missing Number Subtraction Worksheet

Introduce algebra concepts with subtraction. These subtraction problems contain missing 1 to 4 digit minuends and subtrahends for the student to solve for.

Subtraction Worksheet

Choose the number of problems, subtrahend length, minuend length, and problem style. Up to 30 subtraction problems in vertical or horizontal format.

Subtraction without Regrouping Worksheet

All of the problems on this subtraction worksheet do not require regrouping. The numbers can be customized to be between 1 to 6 digits in length.

Subtraction with Regrouping Worksheet

Each of these subtraction problems are designed to require regrouping. The worksheets can be customized to include or exclude problems with negative answers.

Number Flash Cards

Flashcards for learning to spell out numbers and write numerals. Choose the numbers on the cards, colors, and size of the flashcards. Creates a printable PDF.

Math Symbols Flashcards

Teach the math symbols +, - , × , ÷, =, >, and <. Includes 7 common math symbols with names and how they are read.

Mean Median Mode Range Worksheet

Calculate the range and measures of central tendency of number sets with this customizable worksheet. Choose the size of the number sets and range of numbers.

Balancing Math Equations Worksheet

This customizable worksheet contains simple math equations for the student to balance. The problems contain addition and subtraction operations.