Chemical Symbols Game

A Game-Based Learning Resource

Resource Overview

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Practice identifying chemical elements by their symbols with this new game-based learning resource. The game is designed to help students become proficient at quickly identifying the first 92 elements by their symbols. The game roughly simulates a chemical reactor in a manufacturing facility. The player is given an order for a binary compound in the form of a chemical formula. The player's goal is to activate the two valves that will feed the correct elements into the reactor to make the compound. The valves are labeled using the element names, so students will need to convert the symbols to the correct name in order to complete the task.

This resource is still under development, so check back often for new features.

Note: To improve the structure of the game we chose to only use binary compounds and avoid repeating the same elements more than 4 or 5 times. In order to do this we had include some very rare or theoretical compounds.


  • Practice symbols for elements 1 to 92
  • Roughly simulates a chemical reactor
  • Unlimited practice
  • Game-based learning
  • Works on most desktop and mobile devices



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