Prefixes for Covalent Compounds Flashcards

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Learn the prefixes you need to name binary covalent compounds with these flashcards that you can customize and print or study online. The flashcards contain prefixes mono through deca, the numbers they represent, and an example of it being used. Use the flashcards maker to customize the cards size, color, border style, content, and more. After customizing the flashcards you can download and print the flashcards as a customized PDF. The PDF can be optimized for A4 or US Letter paper sizes.


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Prefixes and Examples on the Flashcards

mono1carbon monoxideCO
di2carbon dioxideCO2
tri3sulfur trioxideSO3
tetra4carbon tetrabromideCBr4
penta5diphosphorus pentoxideP2O5
hexa6sulfur hexafluorideSF6
hepta7iodine heptafluorideIF7
octa8tetragold octachlorideAu4Cl8
nona9trirhenium nonachlorideRe3Cl9
deca10tetraphosphorous decasulphideP4S10