Integers on a Number Line Worksheet

Customizable and Printable

Worksheet Overview

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One of a student’s first encounters with a number line is when they are given the task of marking or ordering a set of numbers on one. This activity helps them to gain understanding of the size of a number and its relationship to other numbers. This customizable and printable worksheet is designed for students to practice identifying integers on a simple number lines with the option to include negative numbers for more advanced lessons.

The integers on a number line worksheet maker randomly generates up to 10 problems on each worksheet. Randomly creating the problems allows you to create multiple unique worksheets for your students to learn with. You can pick between one of four number ranges that include positive and/or negative numbers ranging from negative 15 to positive 30. Each question includes instructions to for students to place a dot at one or two points along a marked line. The lines can be labeled only at zero, every 5 units, or at every integer along the line. Each unique worksheet is generated with a matching answer key to help you measure the student’s understanding of this task. After you have finished optimizing the worksheet, you can print or download it by clicking the green down-arrow in the lower left corner of the worksheet. The worksheet maker will generate a PDF in A4 or US Letter format.

Worksheet Features

  • Up to 10 number line problems per worksheet
  • Choose one of 4 number ranges
  • Negative and positive number options
  • 3 number line label options
  • PDF sizes include US letter or A4



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