Rounding Decimals Worksheet

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Worksheet Overview

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Rounding decimals is an important skill that is useful in many areas of life. This is especially true for the STEM fields. Students will frequently encounter rounding when working with significant digits, scientific notations, handling the results of calculations, and working with special math constants like pi. It is also useful to round decimals in more "everyday" circumstances like calculating the tax on an item or splitting an item with a group of people.

Here are some examples to help bring the rounding decimals concepts into the real-world for students. First, when calculating the sales tax for an item you will often get an amount that is fractions of a penny. Since, we no longer cut coins to obtain these very specific amounts, rounding is necessary. If an item is $4.99 and the tax rate is 6.25% the exact tax on this item is 0.311875 dollars. This amount needs to be rounded to the nearest penny or hundredth of a dollar. Therefore, the tax charge for this item will be 0.31 dollars or 31 cents. Students may also encounter rounding when splitting a package of candy with friends. If there are 100 pieces of candy in a package and three friends will be splitting the package, then each friend will get 33.3333… pieces. It sometimes isn’t feasible to split a small piece of candy into thirds, so the students can round the number to about 33 pieces each. The rounding decimals worksheet is designed for students to practice this essential skill, so they can more effectively utilize it in their daily lives.

The rounding decimal worksheet is created, to your specifications, from a randomly generated set of numbers. This allows you to create many different worksheets without repeating the same set of problems. Each worksheet can be customized with up to 40 numbers for students to round to the nearest tenth, hundredth, or thousandth. The worksheet headers can also be customized to meet the requirements of your particular class. Each worksheet will be created with a matching answer sheet to simplify grading. After you have customized the worksheet, you can print or download it, as a PDF, in US Letter or A4 paper sizes.

Worksheet Features

  • Up to 40 problems on each worksheet
  • Numbers are randomly generated to meet your specifications
  • Round to tenths, hundredths, or thousandths
  • Includes matching answer sheet
  • Generates a PDF in US Letter or A4 paper sizes



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