Money Worksheets and Printables

Customizable and Printable

Adding Money Worksheet

Designed for practicing addition of dollar amounts ranging from cents to hundreds of dollars. Creates up to 30 problems on a printable PDF with answer key.

Counting Coins Worksheet

Add the value of up to 10 sets of US coins. The problems can be customized with 2 to 5 pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollars.

Identifying Coins Worksheet

The worksheet contains a set of up to 25 US coins. Identify the coins by counting the number of each type of coin in the set of 6 values of coins.

Printable Play Money Coins

Create pages of printable play money US coins for practicing counting money. Select the number of each coin, sides of the coins, and type of coins.

Subtracting Money Worksheet

A customizable worksheet for practicing subtraction of various dollar amounts. Choose values ranging from $1 to $999.99. Up to 30 problems on each.