Adding Money Worksheet

Customizable and Printable

Worksheet Overview

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Having the ability to add different dollar sums is an import skill for your student or child. They can apply this skill when buying products, calculating a checkbook balance, or updating their savings account register. Adding with different dollar amounts is also useful for practicing addition with decimals. Students and children are frequently more enthusiastic to learn when they can apply what they are learning. This worksheet is intended for students to practice adding various dollar amounts.

The adding money worksheet maker builds worksheets with up to 30 addition problems on each. The highest value in the problems can be set at $9.99, $99.99, or $999.99. You can also configure the problems with a vertical or horizontal format. After the worksheet is customized, it can be printed or downloaded as a PDF in US Letter or A4 page size. Every worksheet PDF includes a matching answer sheet.

Worksheet Features

  • Up to 30 addition problems on each worksheet
  • Customize with values ranging up to hundreds of dollars
  • Includes matching answer key
  • Creates a customizable PDF in A4 or US Letter format



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