Addition Worksheets and Flashcards

Customizable and Printable

Adding Decimals Worksheet

Up to 30 vertical or horizontal addition problems containing 2 addends each. The numbers are 2 to 6 digits long with decimals from tenths to thousandths.

Adding Fractions Worksheet

A customizable worksheet for practicing addition of fractions with like and unlike denominators. Each worksheet includes a matching answer key.

Adding Money Worksheet

Designed for practicing addition of dollar amounts ranging from cents to hundreds of dollars. Creates up to 30 problems on a printable PDF with answer key.

Adding Multiples of 10 Worksheet

Creates addition worksheets that only include addends that are multiples of 10, 100, or 1000. Choose the number of problems, addends, and format.

Adding Similar Fractions Worksheet

A customizable worksheet for practicing simple addition of fractions with similar denominators. Each worksheet includes a matching answer key.

Adding with Significant Figures Worksheet

Basic decimal addition problems for students to practice working with significant figures. The number of problems and number of addends are customizable.

Addition Drill Worksheet

Help your student or child practice addition facts with this customizable addition drill worksheet. Up to 100 problems on each worksheet.

Addition Flash Cards

Printable addition facts flashcards that you can customize. Choose the colors, range of addends, and if the cards include answers to each problems.

Addition Table Worksheet

This customizable worksheet is a partially completed addition table for practicing addition facts. Select the table color, number range, and addend order.

Addition Worksheet

Create addition worksheets that are customized to your preferences. The number of problems, number of addends, and length of addends are customizable.

Counting Coins Worksheet

Add the value of up to 10 sets of US coins. The problems can be customized with 2 to 5 pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, and dollars.

Missing Addend Addition Worksheet

Introduce basic algebra concepts with this customizable missing addend addition worksheet. Customize the number of problems and length of the numbers.

Mixed Length Addition Worksheet

This addition worksheet generator creates up to 30 randomly generated addition problems with addends of mixed lengths. Choose number and length of addends.

Printable Addition Table

The range of addends, table color, addend order, and header style can be customized for your student or child to study addition facts.

Repeated Addition Worksheet

Introduce multiplication with repeated addition problems. Choose the number of problems, number of addends, and size of the numbers in each problem.