Subtracting Fractions Worksheet

Customizable and printable worksheet for practice subtracting fractions with like and unlike denominators. more...

Worksheet Overview

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The subtracting fractions worksheet maker quickly creates customized printable worksheets for practicing subtraction of fractions with like and unlike denominators. Each worksheet is randomly generated using a unique algorithm, so you can create multiple unique worksheets and control access to the answer keys. You can choose the number of problems, range of denominators, range of numerators, and style of the headers on each worksheet. After you have customized the worksheet you can download it as a PDF that is optimized for US Letter or A4 paper sizes. Each worksheet PDF includes a matching answer key for faster grading.

Worksheet Features

  • Up to 24 problems on each worksheet
  • Numerators: up to 20
  • Denominators: up to 20
  • Optimized for US Letter or A4 Paper Sizes
  • Includes Answer Sheet