Multiplying Negative Numbers Worksheet

Customizable and Printable

Worksheet Overview

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Multiplying with negative numbers is a topic that can be a challenge for many students. This can be made easier through practice and remembering two simple rules. A negative number multiplied by a positive number results in a negative number and multiplying two negative numbers results in a positive number. To help students practice multiplication with negative numbers we have designed this customizable and printable worksheet.

The multiplying negative numbers worksheet maker can create up to 30 unique problems that are customized to your preferences. Each problem is randomly generated using a customized algorithm, so you can create many different worksheets without repeating the same set of problems. The digits in the multipliers can be customized to contain between 1 and 3 digits and the multiplicands can contain between 1 and 4 digits each. Problems can be set to include 1 negative in either position, 2 negatives, or a random mixture of one or two negatives in each problem. The format of each problem can be set, so the problems are in a vertical or horizontal format. After you have finished customizing, the unique worksheet can be downloaded or printed as a PDF. The PDF can be created in A4 or US Letter page format and includes a matching answer key.

Worksheet Features

  • Up to 30 problems on each worksheet
  • Vertical or horizontal problem format
  • Choose multiplier and multiplicand length
  • Select the number of negatives in each problem
  • Customize headers with name and date, ID, or class period
  • Creates a unique PDF in A4 or US Letter page sizes with answer key



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