Greater Than Less Than Worksheets

Customizable and Printable

These customizable and printable worksheets are designed for your student to practice comparing various types of number pairs. The number or problems, qualities of the numbers, and header styles on each worksheet can be customized. Each worksheet is randomly generated as a PDF and includes a matching answer sheet.

Comparing Decimals Worksheet

Classify pairs of decimals as greater than, less than, or equal. The number of decimal places can be customized from tenths to hundred thousandths

Comparing Fractions and Decimals Worksheet

Worksheet to practice comparing fractions to decimals using the >, <, and = symbols. You have the option to include or exclude negative numbers.

Comparing Fractions Worksheet

Compare fractions using the >, <, or = symbols. Choose the range of denominators from 2 to 16 and if the fractions are positive or negative.

Comparing Integers Worksheet

Practice comparing integers with this printable worksheet. Integers can be positive or negative and the lengths of the numbers can range from 1 to 6 digits.