Graph Paper

Customizable and Printable

These resources are designed for you to create your own graph paper or dot paper, for free, that is customized to your exact specifications. The spacing, size, color, line/dot width, and more are fully customizable on each of these resources. After customizing the resources, you can print them or download them as a PDF optimized for A4 or US Letter paper sizes. This allows you to fully utilize the paper size that you have on hand.

If you are looking for basic graph paper, then the Graph Paper Template is the resource you need. This graph paper maker can create graph, or quadrille paper, with 8 different line spacings, 10 different line widths, and 6 color options. For basic plotting points and functions that exist in multiple quadrants the Four Quadrant Graph Paper is ideal. You can choose to include up to four separate graphs on each page. If you are only plotting in a single quadrant, the Single Quadrant Graph Paper is great. It will give you more room to plot the points in greater detail. For customized dot grid paper the Printable Dot Paper maker can create over 4800 different styles. Also, if you are looking to draw 3-dimensional objects, the "Printable Isometric Dot Paper" can be used to create some interesting illustrations.

Four Quadrant Graph Paper

Customize this printable graph paper color, line width, grid size, and more. Include one, two, or four coordinate planes on each page.

Graph Paper Template

A traditional format for basic plotting and two dimensional figures. Choose the grid spacing, line width, line color, and paper size.

Isometric Dot Paper

Draw 3 dimensional figures with customizable and printable isometric dot paper. Choose the color, dot spacing, dot size, and header style for each sheet.

Printable Dot Paper

Standard square dot configuration for two dimensional figures or a long game of dots and boxes. Choose the dot spacing, dot size, dot color, and page size

Single Quadrant Graph Paper

Graph coordinates in a single quadrant with this customizable graph paper. Choose quadrant, line colors, grid sizes, line sizes, and coordinate numbers.