Electric Circuit Game

A Game-Based Learning Resource

Resource Overview

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Note: This resource is still being developed. Give it a try and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Practice building electric circuits with this game-based learning resource. While playing this game students will practice interpreting basic circuit symbols, reading schematics, and observe the structure of basic circuits. The game currently consists of 5 circuits that are displayed as a simulated blank printed circuit board. Each component location is labeled with a circuit symbol. To accompany each board the student has an assortment of components to select from. The student’s goal is to drag each component to the correct location on the circuit board. After successfully placing the components on the board students can test out the circuit they just built by activating lamps, LEDs, and motors using switches and push buttons. We are currently working on adding more advanced circuits, so check back with us often for updates.


  • 5 circuits to build (more circuits under development)
  • Working switches, buttons, lights, and motors
  • Test the circuits after building
  • Works on many mobile devices



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