Skip Counting Worksheets

Customizable and Printable

Skip counting, or counting by a number other than 1, is a technique frequently used to count large numbers of items. This technique can also be applied to learning many math skills including addition, subtraction, negatives, and multiplication tables. These customizable and printable worksheets are designed to help students practice various forms of skip counting.

All of the skip counting worksheets contain problems with incomplete number sequences. The student’s goal is to identify the pattern of numbers and complete the sequence. The basic Skip Counting Worksheet is for skip count of positive numbers in an increasing order. This worksheet can be useful for practicing simple addition and identification of very basic patterns. For multiplication table practice, the Times Table Skip Counting Worksheet is useful. It only includes number patterns that align with the times tables. The Reverse Skip Counting Worksheet only includes positive numbers, but the sequences are in a reverse order. This is helpful for students to practice basic subtraction. Finally, if your student needs to practice working with negative numbers, the Skip Counting with Negatives Worksheet is what you are looking for. This worksheet includes at least one negative number in each sequence and some of the sequences will cross zero.

Reverse Skip Counting Worksheet

Help your student practice subtraction and pattern identification with this reverse skip counting worksheet. Choose the number of problems, number ranges, and more.

Skip Counting with Negatives Worksheet

Skip counting with negative numbers is an excellent way to practice working with negatives and even calculating across zero. Worksheet is fully customizable.

Skip Counting Worksheet

Practice basic skip counting with this free customizable and printable worksheet. There can be up to 15 problems on each fully customized worksheet.

Times Table Skip Counting Worksheet

Practice times tables by completing skip counting sequences. Each sequence is the first six, seven, or eight numbers in a multiplication table.