Roman Numerals Worksheet

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Worksheet Overview

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The Roman numerals system has almost entirely been replaced by the Arabic numeral system. Even the NFL decided to not use Roman numerals to name Super Bowl 50, which has traditionally been named using Roman numerals. However, students will still encounter Roman numerals in many places including in the names of other sporting events, on buildings and monuments, and in the Harvard-style outlines found in most word processors. Having a basic understanding of Roman numerals is still an important skill for students to have.

Students can start learning Roman numerals by studying these customizable symbol flash cards. After studying the flash cards, this worksheet is excellent for students to practice conversions to and from Roman numerals.

The Roman numerals worksheet maker randomly generates customized printable worksheets with up to 40 unique problems on each. You can choose the symbols to include in the problems, the number of problems on each worksheet, and the type of conversions that students will perform. You have the option to include or exclude symbols L, C, D, and M in the problems. After the worksheet has been customized, you can print or download it as a PDF in US Letter or A4 format. Each customized worksheet includes a matching answer key for efficient assessment of a student’s performance.

Worksheet Features

  • Up to 40 unique problems on each worksheet
  • Choose to convert to or from Roman numerals
  • Choose the symbols students will work with
  • Generates a printable PDF in A4 or US Letter format
  • A matching answer key is created with each worksheet



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